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Latest Updates
  • 22 Nov 2017
    200 Megawatts To Be Re-Tendered At India’s Largest Solar Power Park

    India’s largest solar power park, in Karnataka, will witness a re-tendering of 200 megawatts of capacity shortly. Read more

  • 22 Nov 2017
    Climate Policy Initiative presents financial solutions for rooftop solar in India

    CPI has summarized the present rooftop sector of India, its economics, and the financial facilities to the industry from government and banks. The analyst and advisory firm has presented the solutions for the current financial obstacles to the growth... Read more

  • 21 Nov 2017
    India-World Bank signs $100 million loan agreement for Solar Parks

    India signs loan agreement with the World Bank for $100 million for large-scale solar power projects named as “Shared Infrastructure for Solar Parks Project”. Read more

  • 21 Nov 2017
    MIT researchers release evaluation of solar pumps for irrigation in India

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) study of solar pump technology used in India assesses technical performance and explores innovative business cases to increase user adoption. The study also helps farmers to choose the right size of the p... Read more

  • 20 Nov 2017
    India scores victory in climate talks, China announces plan to join International Solar Alliance

    India has scored a significant victory at the UN-sponsored climate change talks with China announcing that it has plans to join the International Solar Alliance — an initiative of the Indian government. China's decision to join the sunshine alliance ... Read more

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Description about Solar Policy

Today India is fast becoming one of the world’s most attractive markets for Renewable Energy investments. India’s rise has been due to the effective policy and regulatory support for development of Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs).

Various policy measures such as Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) Feed-in-Tariff, Accelerated Depreciation (AD), Generation Based Incentives (GBI), Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPO) and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) have helped in the rapid growth of Renewable Energy deployment in the country.

Along with above demand and supply side measures to promote Renewable Energy growth in India, various states have come up with their state Solar policies to provide an enabling framework for growth of Renewable Energy in India. All State Solar Policies are available in one roof.

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